IT Security

Special attention needs to be paid to the security of your computer so that your business is never harmed by cyber attacks.

Highly secure backup

Our local and cloud solutions are real safes for your digital heritage.

Antivirus, Antisapam & Firewall

Protect yourself from cyber attacks, avoid phishing emails and prevent your system from intrusions.

Encrypting your disks and data

Do not let anyone access your confidential data.

Our solution in figures

  • 3,38millions of misapplications in 2018
  • 45seconds, the life of a virus
  • 60% of SMEs who lose their data go bankrupt after 6 months

Our solution in a few words

Today, IT security is at the root of any infrastructure. Do not think of IT without thinking about the security of your data.

Security solutions to protect the IT assets of your business

In case of a computer failure, quickly restore all your systems, applications and business data!

  • Backup: internal and/or external datacenter
  • Antivirus: including analysis of file behavior
  • Antispam: filter it before it gets to your mailbox
  • Firewall: security between your network and the Internet + filtering web traffic
  • Encryption: protecting your mobile data

Highly secured backup: the life insurance of your professional digital heritage  

Unlike traditional backup technologies such as magnetic tapes or removable media, our solutions save all your data and applications including your system images even during activity. In the event of a disaster, backing up your system images is the only way to quickly recover your damaged servers and resume your activity without delay!

We provide you with real safes that have a capacity of up to 120TB. Our solutions are also the only media that allows you to backup locally and externally on two datacenters or on a second secure storage.

Features and benefits of our highly secure backup solutions:

  • Compatible with all environments
  • Scalable storage capabilities
  • Local backup with outsourcing option
  • Total backup of computer data, databases and system images
  • Fully automated process
  • Resumption of rapid activity even in the event of a major disaster - Business Resumption Plan (BRP)
  • Maximum security against all risks (theft, breakdown, natural disaster, cybercrime, error or malice)

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