Body temperature measurement by camera

We help you to resume your activity at the end of the containment, by proposing a technological solution making it possible to increase health security for your employees and your customers.

Technology helps deconfinement

Adding technology with artificial intelligence to measures that have become standard such as disinfectant gel, wearing a mask and social distancing.


Discreet, fast and contactless measurement.

Passage flow management

Possibility of combined automatic actions upon abnormally high temperature detection.

Our solution in figures

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Our solution in a few words

How to improve the health security of your staff and your customers in the resumption of your activity?
The solution is to add technology with artificial intelligence to measures that have become standard such as hydroalcoholic gel, wearing a mask, social distancing.

A body thermal camera allows the temperature to be read quickly, without contact and discreetly of people passing through a corridor, a door, a hall, a waiting room ...
We are thinking more deeply about what to do with higher than normal temperature detection, by installing turnstiles, light signals, display, alarm, recording, etc.
B2B-IT is ready to analyze your situation and your needs for a quick installation.

With advanced detectors and algorithms, thermographic body temperature cameras are designed to detect high temperatures on the surface of the skin and can therefore be used for rapid and preliminary screening for fever in office buildings, factories , stations, airports and other public places, with an accuracy of up to ± 0.5 ° C.

  • One second to detect the temperature in a person
  • Simultaneous detection of several people
  • Contact less measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediate alarm to warn operators
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources

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