What budget does my company have to predict?

For advice, improvement, troubleshooting, additional resource or projects, we build with you the solution best suited to your needs and your budget. 
For your IT fleet management and telecommunication, we offer different solutions in order to meet the expectations of small and medium-sized businesses: 
Monthly plans are based on the number of computers and include weekly preventive maintenance and remote monitoring. This package comes at a fixed cost that’s easily budgeted. We also offer à la Carte interventions on-site and remote telephone assistance...

What are the guaranteed results?

Working with experts & gaining time and serenity: we guarantee our availability, rapidity of action and flexibility. With a particular knowledge of your needs, your staff and your business, we anticipate your IT needs and develop your projects in a serene and efficient atmosphere. An account manager is dedicated to your business and serves as a point of contact between your teams, our technicians and your various other IT and telecom providers. Our aim is to avoid going back and forth and wasting time and energy on projects requiring the intervention of several service providers (telecom network infrastructure...).

In case of a technical problem, how long does it take us to intervene?

We intervene on site in less than two hours. We also perform remote interventions in less than fifteen minutes.