Customized offers

B2B-IT Solutions supports you in all of your IT and telecommunication projects or parts of them according to your needs, resources and budget.

Advice, Assistance, Sale of computer equipment, Installation, Maintenance ... a la Carte pricing or "all inclusive" monthly package


Need advice to install or improve your choice of hardware and software solutions? Do you want a reliable partner for the management of your computer park or for when you have to deal with a computer crisis?


B2B-IT Solutions is the service partner in the IT field that provides all hardware, software and logistical solutions needed by small and medium-sized businesses.
For advice, improvement, troubleshooting, additional resources or projects, we build with you the solution that best suits your needs and your budget.

We perform our services based on a contractual agreement or on demand in the following areas:

  • Audit, Consultancy & Outsourcing - IT & Telecommunication Projects
  • Managing your IT and your communication systems
  • Computer maintenance
  • On-site and remote support (hardware and software solutions)
  • Sale, installation and configuration of new hardware, software and consumables

Audit, Consultancy & Outsourcing - IT & Telecommunication Projects  

After analyzing and studying your IT and communication needs, we can, if necessary, take care of all your projects (from the study to their realization and follow-up). In addition to that, we can assist you with advice throughout the whole development of your business.

We also collaborate on specific missions so that our specialized technicians may be able to ensure the success of your project. It's up to you to decide the extent of our intervention.

Managing your IT and communication systems

With a thorough knowledge of your constraints and your staff, we anticipate your IT needs and develop optimal solutions in a serene atmosphere.
We intervene autonomously or integrate in your own teams to provide you with support in installing, migrating and maintaining your computer systems and servers.

Computer maintenance

We also perform preventive maintenance for your computer equipment, in order to reduce the loss of time and profitability due to an unstable or faulty work tool.

We offer different solutions that meet the expectations of small and medium-sized businesses as part of a contractual monthly agreement or on demand:

  • Monthly plans are based on the number of computers. They include weekly preventive maintenance and remote monitoring for a fixed cost that’s easy to budget
  • Interventions on demand, on-site or remote
  • Helpline 

On-site and remote support (hardware and software solutions)

In case of a sudden breakdown or emergency, we are able to intervene on-site in less than two hours. We can also provide you with a remote intervention in less than fifteen minutes.

In addition to that, we offer helpdesk solutions and provide you with assistance in operating your computer system and software solutions.

Sale, installation and configuration of new hardware, software and consumables

We provide all brands of hardware for server, personal computer, laptop, printer, scanner, network elements, software... We install it and set it up according to your expectations and needs.




Whether it’s on demand or as a personalized monthly package that’s sized best suited to your resources and needs, we promise to reduce your investments in IT.

We also help you lower the risks of failure and recurrent incidents: your information systems will always be fully operational!